Commercial Construction Loans

Commercial construction loans are a finance option for developers seeking lenders who can help them complete development projects small and large.

Our experts are connected with a panel of lenders that can help you get access to specialised commercial construction loans, with options tailored to your specific needs. 

Our experts have helped business’ big and small secure Commercial Construction Loans for the following types of properties:

  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Property & Warehouses
  • Retail Property
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Medical Centres
  • Schools
  • and many more

What's the difference between a Commercial Property Loan and A Commercial Construction Loan?

Unlike traditional loans where you may get the full loan upfront, construction loans are progress based. You will get access to your funds at key stages throughout the life of your project. This has a number of benefits. You will only pay interest on the amount borrowed instead of the full loan amount. Progress payments can save you money on interest payments whilst you are building your project. 

Commercial Construction Loans - Engage an Expert.

Whilst your bank may have a product and your home mortgage broker may have access to some lenders, it’s best to engage a specialist who can look at your situation, and your goals and help you select the right finance for you.

A commercial construction loan specialist has access to a panel of lenders whilst also having extensive product knowledge. They know what is available and what finance option will best suit your needs. An expert will assess the project, the security you have available and they will put you in touch with the lender that offers the best solution for you. They will help you prepare and submit your application, managing the process from start to finish. Our experts have access to decision-makers to help hasten the loan process and ensure seamless approval. 

Lenders will likely require security for a commercial construction loan. Security options include:

The property – Lenders may require a mortgage over the property

Pre Sale Deposits – if you are constructing an apartment block for example, and selling off apartments, lenders may require a level of presale and they may seek security over the deposits

Personal Guarantee – Lenders may seek guarantees from directors or shareholders before loaning money. 


If you’re ready to make get started on your commercial construction project, speak to one of our experts today and we will help you organise your finance. 

Factors to Consider in a Commercial Construction Loan

  • Interest Rates - We can find you competitive interest rates from our panel of lenders.
  • Flexible Repayment Options - Many of our lenders offer flexible repayment options, these can include interest-only loans and principal and interest.
  • Overdrafts - Some of our lenders offer overdraft facilities, allowing you to draw down on your loan to help smooth over cash flow.
  • Letters of Guarantee for Suppliers - Some lenders will offer you a letter of guarantee to provide assurance to suppliers of the viability of your project.

If you’re ready to make get started on your commercial construction project, speak to one of our experts today and we will help you organise your finance. 

  1. Get in touch and tell us a bit more about your finance needs
  2. Work with you to determine your goals 
  3. We present you with your options and our recommendations from a variety of lenders
  4. We’ll submit all of your application paperwork and liaise with the lender on your behalf.

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