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Some business owners, including the self-employed may not have the same level of documentation prepared that many lenders may require when offering commercial property loans.  This can be for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some small business owners manage their own finances. So things like Accountants Letters may not be avaliable.

Our experts can help you access low-doc and less-doc commercial property loans. Our experts can call upon our panel of lenders to provide you with a loan whilst avoiding the paperwork that others may require. We can still ensure you get a competitive interest rate. 

Low Doc Commerical Property Loans – what is required?

Low doc commercial property loans are designed for those who may be presented with an opportunity to purchase a commercial property but for a variety of reasons they have not or cannot present full financials to a lender.

From our panel of lenders, it’s possible that you can still get a loan with low docs if there are potentially other ways that you can demonstrate your ability to service a loan. 



What documentation is required for a less-doc or low-doc commercial property loan?

Long established ABN – Most lenders require a well established ABN, preferably a period of over 12 months. 

A self-certification of income or Accountants letter – Lenders will want to see your level of income. Some lenders will require a certified letter from your accountant. Others may be happy with self-certification. The income declared is the income used to make a decision about whether you can afford to pay the loan.

BAS Statements – Some lenders may ask for BAS statements as evidence of income. This will allow them to assess your reported revenue and allow them to make decisions about how much you can borrow.

Bank Statements – Some lenders will want access to bank statements to assess your income and expenditure, assessing your ability to service a loan. They will check for evidence of income and also business expenses, ensuring that you have enough revenue to cover your loan repayments. 

Personal Guarantee – Some lenders on our panel may ask you to offer a personal guarantee as security over your commercial property loan. 

Lease Agreements – If you are buying a commercial property as an investment, lenders will want to see copies of any lease agreements – how much rent you will be able to collect and also how long the lease is for. 

Low Doc Commercial Property Loans – What can I buy?

Our experts can connect you with our panel of lenders to find a loan that could allow you to buy one of the following properties. These include:

Commercial property – Whether a retail shopfront or an office block, our experts can connect you with a lender.

Industrial property – we can help you find a commercial property loan for a warehouse or factory.

Residential property – On our panel of lenders are a number that will finance Residential developments and apartment blocks

Rural property – We can connect you with a property to finance farmland anywhere in Australia. 


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